On June 22nd of this year, after months of public hearings and negotiations, the Minerva Fire Department and Rescue Squad transferred its EMS Operating Certificate to the Johnsburg Emergency Squad. Now, if you have a medical emergency in Minerva, you’ll see the same responders as you would before, the same ambulance will be waiting and ready at the station, ready to roll. The only difference is that those responders are now paid members of Johnsburg EMS, and instead of going to the ambulance first, they will be going straight to your door.
The Minerva Rescue Squad has a long and proud history of serving the community. For over sixty years Minerva volunteers have dedicated countless precious hours helping others. The squad was the last of its size in our area to remain all volunteer, and the hope is that by paying these heroes for responding, and joining their forces with Johnsburg, both squads will be stronger together.
With the addition of Minerva members, the Johnsburg Emergency Squad now has 30 employees. Remarkably, all but 3 of them live within our borders. This is an enormous asset in a district that now covers 367 square miles. From Garnet Lake to Minerva, from North River to Olmstedville, we have paramedics, drivers and EMTs ready to respond. Our goal for this year is to get them to you as quickly as possible, with the lifesaving equipment you need.
The most urgent call of all is one of cardiac arrest, the one where every second counts. The best chance for survival comes from early CPR and early use of an AED. We’re asking you to help us arm our far-flung responders with new pagers and radios so they never miss a call, and new defibrillators and first aid bags for when they arrive. It could make all the difference in the world.
Last year our annual fundraising letter went just to the people of Johnsburg. The $27,000 they donated made it possible for us to purchase a power lift stretcher, a great relief to our sore backs. This year our letter goes to everyone in both Johnsburg and Minerva. With your help we can ensure that every one of our first responders has a working AED. Your donations are not only tax deductible; they just might save your life, or your neighbors.
From all of us, thank you.


Joe Connelly, President
Johnsburg Emergency Squad