You Made It Happen!

Last year we asked for your donations to our 4-Wheel Drive Ambulance Fund, and again you
answered, as you’ve done every year. Our new Mercedes Sprinter is finally off the assembly
line and on its way to the paint shop. It should be in our garage later this month, ready for snow
season. We can’t thank you enough.
We work hard every day to keep ourselves ready to help you. We are well-equipped and welltrained.
Our Advanced Life Support staff are led by experienced career paramedics, on call
24/7. We love what we do, but at times our job can be uniquely demanding—quiet hours
waiting, followed by intense physical and emotional stress.
Last year we lost one of our longtime medics to injury. While pulling out the stretcher at the
hospital, he fractured his back. His career is likely over. Most on-the-job injuries occur while
lifting and carrying patients, mostly while moving them into or out of the ambulance. I’m asking
you today to help keep this from happening again.
There’s a new device on the market, called the Power-Lift-Stretcher, which raises a patient into
the ambulance without us raising a finger. It costs $25,000. That’s a lot of money, but far less
than the cost of a career-ending injury. Please help us. We cannot buy one without this
Your donations are of course tax-deductible, but more than that, your money will go directly to
supporting our Paramedics, EMTs, and Drivers. Help keep us healthy and ready. Please give to
this year’s Save Our Backs Fund.
From all of us, thanks.

Joe Connelly
President, Johnsburg Emergency Squad     

PDF Version of 2019 Letter Click Here