Gore Mt. Ski Center
and The Johnsburg Ambulance Squad

Fact Sheet
1. Johnsburg Emergency Squad has never stationed an ambulance at Gore Mt. Ski Center.
2. During ski season, on weekends and holidays, we hire an extra crew that remains in our station with the normal duty crew.
3. ORDA pays for the cost of that extra crew.
4. The skiers account for around 16% of our transports each year.  (79 out of 450 in 2013-14).
5. Most skiers have private insurance, which pays much more than government insurance.
6. Last year the money paid to us from skier’s insurance companies accounted for 30% of all the income we received during the entire year. ($108,000 last season).
7. That extra revenue means savings to the people who live and pay taxes in Johnsburg. 

Without Gore Mt.’s business we would need even more additional taxpayer support to continue operations. Be glad we have Gore Mt. to help Johnsburg Emergency and the community.