Johnsburg Emergency Squad 624 Peaceful Valley Road North Creek, NY 12853
(518) 251-2244 f (518) 251-2257

You Made It Happen Last year we asked for your donations to our Lifegiving Equipment Fund, and again you answered, as you’ve done every year. Through your help, and matched with a $117,000 grant from FEMA, we were able to purchase two new Lifepak 15 EKG monitors, two new Lucas Chest Compressors, and two new portable ventilators. Thank you so much.

Since 2004, the Johnsburg Emergency Squad has relied on a combination of tax dollars and billing 
revenue to pay for the day to day operations of the squad. In 2014, you helped us pass an ambulance district, which lets us guarantee the same rapid response and quality of care that you expect. We have a new building, new lifesaving equipment, and the best caregivers in the area, the only squad in Warren County that has 24/7 paramedic coverage.

Our biggest challenge now is to make sure that new equipment gets to you as quickly as possible, and that our ambulance gets you safely to the hospital, no matter the conditions: wind, ice, rain and snow. Our 2010 Mercedes Sprinter ambulance has served us well, but it needs to be replaced. The Mercedes Sprinter is the most reliable and economical vehicle on the market. The only drawback is that it’s a rear wheel drive. We want to buy a new Sprinter with the on-demand four-wheel drive option, hopefully by the start of this winter, and we need your help to make the down payment.

Your donations are of course tax deductible, but more than that, your money will go directly to providing a guarantee–that we’ll get to you, and get you safely to the hospital, even in the worst weather imaginable.

From all of us, thanks.
Joe Connelly, President

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