After years of preparation, planning, and saving, the walls are finally rising on the new Johnsburg Emergency Squad Station at 646 Peaceful Valley Road. Working with a modest plan, the squad was able to secure financing at a very reasonable rate, 2.5%, from the New York State Revolving Loan Fund. The squad’s goal from the beginning was to keep the work in the community, and the construction manager, Michael Bowers, of North Creek, will be supervising those local contractors who came through with the lowest bids. TC Murphy will be providing most of the materials.

The squad long ago outgrew their current home, an addition to the old Scout Hall that was never designed for the needs of a professional ambulance service. They looked into various options, including expanding into the scout hall, and obtaining the old firehouse in Wevertown, before choosing the current site. The new building was designed by squad members working with an engineer, Bret Winchip, of Chestertown. They hope to be moved in before winter.

The squad would also like to welcome back two paramedics who left last year, Shane Fahey, and Jamie Callard. The experienced medics both cite the new benefit package the squad offers as a primary reason for their return. The 2 weeks vacation, health stipend, and competitive pay rates, were made possible by the ambulance tax district passed last November. The goal was to retain and recruit the best caregivers, and the squad is glad to have these two back.

The list of quality medics continues to get better, but the squad is still in need of good people to drive them. The squad still has too few members doing too much. They ask that anyone interested call the station or stop by and inquire about the new night time rewards program.

Finally, the squad would like to announce the arrival of its new Medical Director, Dr Albert Jagoda. He’s been an ER physician at Saratoga Hospital for almost thirty years, and a medical director of three squads in Saratoga County. He’s also a longtime ski patroller at Gore Mountain, and medical director there, and over the years has developed a close relationship with Johnsburg EMS. He’s a very well regarded physician and director, and under his guidance the squad will continue to provide the best care possible to its community.